Ann K.

Yes, I know, I am a but obsessed, but I am back for another glowing review. I made my annual trip home recently and of course fit in a large group dinner at T&J’s. I, of course, had the chicken scarp, and again I am drooling a bit as I type this. Everything I put in my mouth there, this trip or any trip, is always perfect. The service is incredible. Again on this visit, three of us had the chicken scarp and it was out of this world – I swear three people can split an entrée that is how huge they are. The seafood pastas (two different kinds, one pink sauce with penne and one linguini with clams and mussels) were also incredible, as was the rigatoni pesto dish and the shrimp scampi. Every drop of food from the bread, to the espresso, to the last drop of sauce on the plate is something that I miss about NY and could be a reason I move back home! I will be back in August T&J’s, so get ready for our rowdy group!